Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church: New Castle DE
Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church
We celebrate Mass in English! The Liturgy most Roman Catholics were use to since the 1970's.
We welcome all to celebrate with us. All Christians are welcome to receive communion no matter what his/her disposition in life might be. Jesus came for all of us and held no judgment. Neither do we. Jesus came so that ALL may come to understand and know the love of God in a better light... His Light. So, please join us in Mass and receive our Lord in the Eucharist so as to enrich your life with His abiding Love.
Note: the Old Catholic title is more akin to the reality that took place back in 1870 between the Church of Utrecht and Rome. At that time many of the bishops of Utrecht would not accept the rushed decisions of Vatican Council I (1870) and so the schism took place. Since then they took the name of Old Catholic to emphasize that they held the faith before the actions of this council. They also were more progressive and liberal in establishing Mass in the vernacular (language of the people instead of Latin) as well as adjusting their canons to the needs of the people as time moved along.
So... in the same spirit.. all Christians are welcome to communion... remarried (not annulled), GLBT folks, people of other denominations, etc. We also welcome the same ( with due education and experience) to the orders of deacon, priest and bishop.
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