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If you are reading this page perhaps you have thought about a vocation to the Permanent Deaconate or the Priesthood.  There may be a variety of reasons why you have not acted on this before.  Whatever the reason, you are here now, at the threshold of Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary. 
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary is a place of learning, discerning and experiencing.  Learning about the Old Catholic Church, what we believe and how we live those beliefs in our lives every day.  Discerning the will of God in our lives so that we can understand His call to us to “follow him,” not only in Christianity but as a leader, a shepherd, a Deacon or Priest. Experiencing His call as a unique and personal interaction with the Almighty.  If you believe God has called you to “follow him” in this very personal decision, then please call us so that we might help guide you to discern His will in your life. 
We hope that those who choose to begin this sacred journey of learning and discernment will find His will in every experience.
We welcome all who believe they are called to the Deaconate or Priesthood.   We at the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas welcome men, women, married or partnered, gay, bi or straight.  We embrace all our brothers and sisters and will walk with you on your journey of discovery.
All are welcome in this place!
There are no walls here at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary.   We are a virtual school.  You attend your class in your own home and with your own hours.  However, much will be expected of you.  Each person will bring his/her own gifts and background.  Some will have already completed college, some will be professionals in one field or another and some will be unsure of the call itself.
Be not afraid, as He who has called you will give you the strength and knowledge you need to move forward.   Trust in Him and embrace the His call in your life.

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