Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church: New Castle DE
Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church

​Pastor:  Bishop Patrick W. Gaffney   Associate: Rev. Carl Desmond

We continue to offer prayers and blessings for all during this difficult time of Covid 19. Fr. Carl celebrates Mass via Facebook every Sunday at 9:45 AM on our group Facebook site:  Holy Redeemer Church, Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas. You can celebrate with him there. Please join the group as well. I will try to copy the site below (must have Facebook open to access):

Fr. Carl and his wife, Sandra, have now relocated to the Lewes, DE area. We are hoping to begin Holy Redeemer Parish anew there. Please contact us if you would like to share your talents in this grass root attempt.  Thank you, Bishop Pat

"We are all equal. We are all children of God! I am no greater than you, just another searching for the true and lasting love of our Lord" Bishop Pat Gaffney, DD


We are a Community dedicated to inclusion and diversity. A Community to give a real and safe home for those felt left behind, alone, abandoned or just a pleasant place to worship.


As Christian Catholics, we encourage all Christians to enhance their own lives by reclaiming our shared heritage and becoming active participants in the building of a future of deep ecumenism and a truly integral spiritual life.
Old Catholicism knows that Catholic Tradition is a living thing, rooted in the revelation of Jesus Christ and growing in the experience of the Church.
We strive to look beyond the sectarian details and seek in a deliberative fashion to understand what it means to be a committed Christian today, grounded in perceiving the Scriptures in the light of the experience of Reason and Apostolic Tradition.  It is therefore embracing of the Church as a whole.  It holds a vision for a grown-up Christianity, which reconciles genuine faith and commitment with intelligence and experience. Please visit also our National Church's website:

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Bishop Pat Gaffney, DD
Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church

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