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Posted by:BISHOP PAT
3/13/2019 5:40:30 PM
Dearest Lord, hear the earnest prayers of those who have posted here. Fill them with your abundant peace and love. Assure them that you are indeed with each of them every step of the Way! Thank you Lord. In Jesus name, I pray!
3/13/2019 3:14:18 PM

My name is Edward Calloway and I am asking for prayers for my boyfriend and I Jarred Depugh. Jarred and I broke up about almost two months ago but have gotten back together and we have been having a hard transition. We love each other but our relationship has a hard time with communication particularly on his end and I love him and want to work things though and I have been asking God to help us through this and talk to his heart but it doesnt seem to be working and this has been affecting my health and he also too struggles with depression and anxiety. I dont want a toxic relationship like what we have both witnessed and I know we love each other we just dont have direction and I have tried to seek counseling but he is resistant so I really dont know the point of this but I thought I would try because I love this man and God is the core of our relationship and foundation so I'm hoping for a miracle but right now it seems impossible.

If you can pray that would mean alot


Edward Calloway
1/11/2019 10:39:57 AM
18222 Emerson Way, Georgetown, DE 19947.

Please pray for this priest in his efforts to find and support those souls who are seeking God. Give him the strength to discern how and when to help and when to listen. Please pray for the growth of Holy Redeemer in the Lewes Georgetown area.
Posted by:BISHOP PAT
3/11/2017 5:20:08 PM
I pray that we all have a truly enriched and blessed Lent! God's peace to all!!
Posted by:BISHOP PAT
10/17/2015 6:48:53 PM
We approach new horizons. Pray with me that our parish may grow so that others may know of the all inclusive love of Jesus!
2/27/2015 8:12:47 AM
I want to thank my lord Jesus Christ who has given me peace & comfort in hard time. When I was down & thought I was never going to change my bad ways. I looked to the heavens & prayed for inner peace & guidance from my lord. He has since blessed me with hope & understanding to tackle all the trials & tribulation that may come my way. Without his UNENDING Love, I would not be the man I am today.
Today I hold my head up high & am proud to be who GOD has made me.

God Bless & Love thy brother's & sister's.. For with out them I would be lost..
Brian G.
Posted by:FR. PAT
2/21/2015 2:47:18 PM
Safety for all who are traveling in SE & NE today. Lots of snow and ice on the way!
Posted by:FR. PAT
2/13/2015 7:51:10 AM
We keep in heart, prayer and mind the NE and Mid-Atlantic US who are being hit this weekend with extraordinary cold temps. This amidst the volumes of snow that have fallen and still effecting people's lives in the NE!
Posted by:FR. PAT
11/7/2014 8:23:55 AM
We remember in prayer all our Veterans and their families. We are ever so grateful for their dedicated service and sacrifices on our behalf!
Posted by:FR. PAT
11/2/2014 6:41:41 PM
May the Lord bless each of us in a special way in these days ahead! God Bless!
Posted by:FR. PAT
9/27/2014 8:36:52 AM
Let us continue to pray for the end of violence: on our own streets and neighborhoods and especially throughout the Mideast region.
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